cruising down the coast going ’bout 99

Summer is here: sun rays hitting bare shoulders after just stepping outside, ice cold water with lemons to quench parched tongues, hot air pounding off the black pavement, rolled down car windows and broken AC, sitting alone of the lake pier in the early morning, squishing ants that sneak into homes, melting and sticky popsicles, cheep fair tickets with afternoon cotton candy and dusk ferris wheel rides, tanner skin and darker freckles, less make-up and more beauty, wavy hair, and bare feet. Oh bare feet! – how I’ve missed you during these winter months. Come on outta those socks.

Two summer playlists for you. Yaya, old songs from the 2011s and maybe later (but a few 2012 ones did make it on) …  It’s finals week and these old tunes remind me of last summer and there’s nothing like music to bring back memories.

Playlist One is for sweaty July summer afternoons and Playlist Two is for quiet morning and evening hours when the grass is dewy and the earth cooled off from yesterday’s heat wave (there may even be a firefly or two). Take yo pick.



Cassi over at Pretty Mischief gave me this idea … and to see her summer tunes and mermaid sightings go here.

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